The Revolution will not be Televised…Unless Ratings Improve

I have been watching Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution” show regularly since season 1 debuted last year, but unfortunately I am part of a minority. ABC has stopped season 2 in its tracks, postponing it after only two episodes so that they can play “Dancing with the Stars” recaps during its time slot. As embarrassing as it it to admit, I love a good DWTS. But I think Jamie’s show is vital for folks to see. If you are not familiar with Mr. Oliver (as he is almost never called), he is a kind-hearted chef and father of four who has made it his personal mission to share the gospel of fresh, healthy food that tastes good. He is particularly passionate about serving this type of quality food to children, and to this end has gotten involved with school districts here in the U.S. (Jamie hails from the U.K) to help them revamp their school lunch programs.

The show, like its host, is not free from controversy and human flaws, but I am really glad that such a show exists and want desperately to see it remain on the air. For information on the show, you can visit its site at . If you care to help it continue, PLEASE WATCH IT when it returns to the airwaves on Friday May 27th at 8pm on ABC. Thank you!

One thought on “The Revolution will not be Televised…Unless Ratings Improve

  1. Have you read “Chew on This” by Eric Schlosser? So disturbing!
    A book I recommend for mothers of young children is Marilu Henner’s “Healthy Kids”. I believe an updated version is to be published in July of this year.

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